The New Way to Prototype and Build

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Create and Ship Animations without Code

Designers can create and ship dynamic animations without an developer recreating it by hand. A visual tool for designers, a native toolkit for developers.


Familiar for designers, while making them more powerful than ever before.

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Saves developer time, while giving them full access to customize native elements.

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Import from Sketch, Figma, and Photoshop

Import design files or drag in SVGs. Lightwell is the hub for your team’s production‑ready designs.

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Bring Static Layers to Life

Add properties to each layer like ambient motion, rotation, layout constraints, and scroll views.

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Animate with Timelines

Get every animation just right. Keyframe animations, screen transitions, and audio in Lightwell map to native elements.

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Prototype Interactions

Customize screen interactions, touch triggers, device motion, and custom logic with a visual interface.


Preview Working Prototypes

Test full projects in real–time with mobile previewing on all iOS devices.

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Implement Functional Prototypes in Xcode

Export to an asset package for developer integration or a prepackaged Xcode project. See developer documentation.

Export Final Assets with One Click

Automatic asset slicing for different screen densities and devices. Lightwell generates assets at 1x, 2x, 3x for iPhones and iPads.

Save Time with Production‑Ready Designs

Your final screen layout is exactly how it will look in final production. Eliminate extraneous work in rebuilding designer prototypes.

Triggers & Logic

  • TapTap
  • SwipeSwipe
  • PressPress
  • DragDrag
  • TiltTilt
  • ShakeShake
  • Animation TriggerAnimation Trigger
  • Audio TriggerAudio Trigger
  • Scene TriggerScene Trigger
  • TimingTiming
  • VariablesVariables
  • If / ElseIf Else
  • Layer PropertiesLayer Properties
  • Animation PropertiesAnimation Properties
  • Custom ValuesCustom Values
  • OperationsOperations (add, subtract, multiply, divide)
  • CollectionsCollections
  • For EachFor Each

Effects & Elements

  • ShapesShapes
  • TextText
  • ImagesImages
  • ParallaxParallax
  • Device RotationDevice Rotation
  • Move SelectMove / Select
  • OpacityOpacity
  • ScaleScale
  • RotationRotation
  • Lip SyncingLip Syncing
  • If ElseLoops
  • DurationDuration
  • Easing / TimingEasing / Timing
  • GroupingGrouping
  • Show / HideShow / Hide
  • DialogueDialogue
  • MusicMusic

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