Lightwell's intuitive interface enables everyone - especially non‑programmers - to reimagine content for the mobile age.

Mac OS X 10.11 +   | Chrome OS (Dec. 2017)

Native App Creation

Bring your app to life without touching a line of code.

You input custom assets, Lightwell outputs an Xcode project you can launch on the App Store.

Gif of a character in a Lightwell demo project

Powerful Prototyping Tools

Add animations, interactions, and motion to your scenes - and preview on your mobile device in real-time.

Built for Precision and Beauty

Design precise interactions and complex animations with Lightwell’s toolkit. Our flexible controls enable you to group multiple animations and interactions, while the individual parts stay 100% editable.

Simple Photoshop Import

Skip the tedious workflow of cutting, exporting and resizing for every screen size. Lightwell’s built in exporting tool automates the process for you.

Publish to XCode

Once you’re ready to publish, Lightwell will export your project to Xcode.

Make additional changes with API access to the source code or submit your Xcode project directly to the App Store. Simple as that.

The Power of Code. Without Writing it.

No more static mocks and specs. It’s a whole new way to build for mobile.

Instead of writing code, Lightwell lets you manipulate scenes visually just like your favorite design tool.