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Artists and creators around the world have already hit the ground running with Lightwell. Find out how they took their work further.


Kid's Comic

Carlton Hickman

Donut Blasters

Story App

Bart Browne

The Adventures of Pan

Interactive Adventure Series


Town Musicians of Bremen

Interactive Retelling of a Classic

Lev Kaplan

What is Lightwell?

Lightwell is the first software made for creators to make their own apps without the need to write any code.

What kinds of apps can Lightwell make?

Lightwell can make interactive, animated apps for iOS devices. We know from personal experience that it's the best software to create interactive story apps, since we created it to help us make award-winning app series "The Adventures of Pan" which hit #1 in iTunes "Books" in over 48 countries in the App Store!

Do apps made with Lightwell work on Apple and Android devices?

Apps made with Lightwell are native iOS apps, and therefore currently only work on Apple devices.

Are there any restrictions on the types of apps you can make?

Nope! Once you have Lightwell, you have a full license to use the software as often as you like, to create any type of interactive app you can imagine, and upload as many apps to the App Store as you like. Some other apps that we've come across include: comic apps, art puzzles, and mini-games.

Where can I learn about how to get started on Lightwell?

New and advanced users can find more information about Lightwell and its features on our Resources page. You can also contact us directly if you have any questions that aren't covered here.

How do I publish the app once I'm done with it?

TThe app that you create in Lightwell can be uploaded directly to Xcode and the App Store without writing one line of code. Lightwell has a step-by-step tutorial walkthrough for how to publish your app in the App Store when you're ready.
In order to publish to the App Store, Apple requires you to create an Apple Developer Account and sign up in the Apple Developer Program, which costs $100/year at Apple.

Can I make updates to my app after I've published it?

Yes, you can update your app by going to the Publish section of Lightwell and updating an existing Lightwell project file. You can then submit the updated project to the App Store as an app update.

Can I use Lightwell without a subscription?

Yes, you can have a free, 14 day trial of Lightwell without a subscription, which includes most functionality except the ability to publish on the App Store. The trial allows you to play with the template projects, create new scenes with the existing assets, and test scenes within the Previewer App.

How does the account licensing work? Can I install Lightwell on multiple computers?

We model the same licensing practices that Squarespace, Photoshop, Maya and other software companies use. When you purchase Lightwell, you have a license that allows you to install the software on two different devices. This is because we know some folks like to interchange between working on their desktop and laptop.

How does the payment plan work?

We kept the payment plan simple, you can choose either a monthly plan or an annual plan. The monthly plan will be charged every 30 days, starting from when you first subscribe to Lightwell. The annual plan will be charged upfront for the year, with the next charge 12 months afterwards.